When you visit Towri Sheep Cheeses, you’ll be greeted by Dallas and Carolyn Davidson, their 300 Awassi sheep and their loyal Jack Russell Honey Poo Davidson.

Their boutique sheep cheesery and farm at Allenview, just out of Beaudesert, is a beautiful spot to go and feel connected to where your food comes from.

Book in for a tour to experience a milking demonstration, substantial cheese tasting, tea and coffee and access to the cheese room to learn about the basics of cheese making.

Towri is available for functions, too!

Carolyn and Dallas Davidson of Towri Sheep Cheeses.

Carolyn and Dallas Davidson of Towri Sheep Cheeses. Photo by Christine Sharp.

Towri Sheep Cheeses are official Scenic Rim Accredited Locavores!

The Eat Local Scenic Rim Accredited Locavores program is an initiative of the Scenic Rim Regional Council.

If you want to find, taste, buy and connect with local Scenic Rim food and drinks all year round, check out the Eat Local Scenic Rim website for more information, and look out for the green and yellow Eat Local Scenic Rim sign on shop windows, and cafe and restaurant menus across the region.

In this video, Dallas and Carolyn share their passion for what they do.

Mike and Wendy Webster are the friendly faces behind Scenic Rim Brewery.

The craft brewery and cafe at Mt Alford is a must-do on any Scenic Rim day trip.

Mike and Wendy’s cafe and brewery features a wide selection of local food, ingredients and of course beer!

Enjoy a long lunch at Scenic Rim Brewery

They’re official Scenic Rim Locavores, an initiative of the Scenic Rim Council’s Eat Local Scenic Rim. Go to the website for more information and look out for the local in shop windows and on cafe and restaurant menus to discover where you can source locally-grown Scenic Rim produce, products and beverages.

In this video, Mike and Wendy share their passion for local food and drinks and explain why it means so much to them.