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Feel awed by nature on a grand scale

In the Scenic Rim, you are always within cooee of nature. The region boasts a magnificent Regional Botanic Garden and six National Parks that span ancient rainforests, lush valleys and inspiring mountain ranges. The epic scenery peaks with mountains that dominate the landscape, attracting bushwalkers and rock climbers to enjoy panoramic views from lookouts and treetop platforms.

Back on ground level, the natural habitat provides a refuge for a myriad of rare and endangered wildlife and is home to unique plant species above and below the rainforest canopy. From towering eucalypts and majestic pines to bursts of native wildflowers and subtropical blooms, the flora of the Scenic Rim is breathtaking in all seasons.

Home along the range

Summit, scramble and scale the mountainous landscape of the Scenic Rim. The region is ringed by a semi-circle of mountains that range from accessible walks to challenging rock climbs.

Wander amid ancient rainforests

Experience surreal surrounds that were millennia in the making. The Gondwana Rainforests of Australia World Heritage Area - across Lamington, Tamborine Mountains, Mt Barney and Main Range National Park - date back to prehistoric times.