Farm Gates & Local Producers

Farm gates & local producers

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Reap the benefits of nature’s bounty

A fertile ground for farmed fruit and especially vegetables, the Scenic Rim nurtures an exciting crop of local producers who connect the dots from paddock to plate. From avocado to zucchini, beetroot to beans, and of course our nationally-renowned carrots (we’re the Carrot Capital of Australia), our locals are passionate and proud advocates of the region’s homegrown produce and homemade goods.

Immerse yourself in the farming culture by booking a tour at one of the working properties that produce everything from sheep cheese and camel gelato, to beef and beer, wine and spirits to skincare and soaps. Journey through Scenic Rim on one of our quarterly Farm Gate Trails to buy jams, relishes, flowers and produce straight from the land, and meet the local producers who cultivate the food we enjoy at home.

Top picks from the farm gate

Fresh from the farm, shop the best of our regional harvests. Visit the markets for homemade jams and preserves, seasonal fruit and vegetables, cut flowers, dairy products, plants and more for a souvenir to savour.

A fresh crop of local producers

Go to the source where your food is grown. Book a tour and get a behind-the-scenes look at everything from seasonal greens, fruit and vegetables to specialised dairy, nuts, honey and coffee.