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Take a tour through this mountain-air spectacle

For a close-up appreciation of nature’s ancient Scenic Rim, there are tours for all. Feeling spritely? Enjoy a down-to-earth, guided hiking adventure. For the demure, take a comfy seat in a chauffeur driven van or a streamlined coach.

Visit the habitat forests, wetlands and beaches of Australia’s exquisite wildlife. Food and beverage connoisseurs cruise through, feast on, and take home farmed produce, wines and spirits, while meeting the friendly and obliging producers. We do all this while caring for this delicate ecosystem.

Tour de force for nature lovers

Take a guided hiking, mini-bus or coach tour to explore The Scenic Rim’s sublime concentration of nature’s wonders, in national parks, and habitats to Australia’s rare and exquisite wildlife. So many photo opportunities in these ancient mountain forests.

The ultimate tours to delicious

World acclaimed natural wonderland, The Scenic Rim, also hosts tours of gourmet, farm-to-plate country cafes, wineries, distilleries and quaint artefact and gift-stacked shopping villages. Hear stories of what inspired all these gifted producers.