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Live the life aquatic among the Scenic Rim’s lakes and waterfalls. Home to three lakes and countless creeks and rivers, the region is a playground of active water adventures and waterside recreational pursuits.

Lakes Moogerah and Maroon make great spots for boating, swimming, jet-skiing, water-skiing, fishing and kayaking on expansive lakes, while Lake Wyaralong offers a more peaceful experience, perfect to seek out a prime spot for a picnic or to relax with a book.

Lake Moogerah is one of Queensland’s fishing hotspots, teeming with Australian Bass, Golden Perch, Silver Perch and Mary River Cod – just to name a few! For Carp and Bass, head to Lake Wyaralong. Just check you have the correct fishing permits before throwing the line in.

If you find yourself looking to extend your stay, you can pitch a tent in one of the many waterside camp spots, or book into self-contained accommodation for a touch of luxe.

Spectacular waterfalls abound throughout the Scenic Rim and are the ideal reward on a picturesque rainforest walk. Refresh yourself amid cascading drops and cool rock pools, hidden swimming holes and beside meandering creeks. Awash with natural beauty, these serene swimming spots are the ideal place to laze about and relax on a hot day.

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Dip into lakes

Cast off for waterborne adventure at our trio of lakes. These recreational hubs lure keen anglers, boaters and all manner of watercraft and are the ideal spots for camping, picnics and sightseeing.

Chasing cascades and waterfalls

The Scenic Rim has plenty of waterfalls on tap to whet your appetite for the wet stuff. The watery spectacles abound in all national parks from fun plunge pools to kaleidoscopic curtain cascades.