The Scenic Rim

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The Scenic Rim is a naturally beautiful region located one hour’s drive from the Gold Coast and Brisbane.

It is surrounded by an imposing volcanic mountain range, dating back millions of years.

The legacy of this volcanic past is Australia’s most accessible World Heritage-listed rainforests and rich alluvial soil and remains the lifeblood of the region. Tourism and agriculture are the Scenic Rim’s two leading industries.

The Scenic Rim is home to six National Parks and is a haven for bushwalkers, naturalists, birdwatchers and lovers of spectacular views.

The region is also a food bowl for Queensland and markets further afield. During winter the alluvial valleys produce vegetables for markets up and down the Australian east coast. The Scenic Rim is also home to beef, pork and poultry producers and boasts growing boutique and gourmet food, wine and craft beer industries.

Natural History

The Scenic Rim Mountains and the Mt Warning area in northern NSW are known as the Green Cauldron and were once a volcanic hotspot, which over the years has grown into a lush landscape featuring six National Parks.

This early volcanic activity reveals itself in the region’s rich flora and fauna. The temperate climate and rich basalt soils have proven fertile grounds for rainforests to prosper.

The Scenic Rim region is a treasure trove of unique plants, animals and distinctive vegetation types. The mountains preserve living links to Australia’s ancient past, while one of Australia’s two species of lyrebird inhabits the region’s rainforest and wet eucalypt forests. The stories, rituals and traditions of the indigenous inhabitants are woven around the natural environment and highlight their connection to a living landscape.

The varied landscape and natural beauty of the Scenic Rim made an indelible impression on the early settlers such as Logan, Cunningham and Fraser, who all commented on the beauty of the area.

The Scenic Rim has long attracted naturalists, scientists, artists and bushwalkers who are interested in studying and enjoying the area’s rich natural history.