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Looking for respite and tranquillity away from the city, Bradley Beaverson and Mark Michael found just the place.

They moved to the remote Lost World and Christmas Creek area 12 years ago and established Wongari Eco Retreat – sustainable cabins with environmentally friendly appeal and powered by hydro technology at the wilderness end of Lamington National Park.

The aptly named Lost World and Christmas Creek area is a remote wilderness that is just 90 minutes’ drive from Brisbane and the Gold Coast but feels like a world away.

Located at the wilderness end of Lamington National Park, Lost World straddles both the Kerry Valley and Christmas Creek Valley and is surrounded by rainforest and mountains.

In the absence of manmade visitor attractions and mobile phone reception, the remote environment and authentic lifestyle are a beacon for visitors who are keen to leave the city behind for an unrivalled experience in nature.

It is a spot where visitors can disconnect from their devices and connect with nature through outdoor activities such as playing in the crystal-clear creeks, enjoying the dense rainforests and breathing in the fresh air.

With its proximity to Lamington National Park, bushwalking and hiking are popular pursuits and even just walking down the dirt road running up the valley with mountains on either side is breathtaking. You can walk down the road and not see a single car.

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Playing in Christmas Creek


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Lost World Circuit Drive

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Tommerup’s Dairy Farm

The Lost World and Christmas Creek area is bordered by three National Parks for a variety of trails and tracks. The well-known walk to the Stinson Air Crash Site and Westray’s Grave in Lamington National Park can be accessed from Christmas Creek.

Dip into the pristine and refreshing swimming holes along the creek. Stay in Lost World accommodation for use of rock pools and creeks on private land.

The Lost World is located in a valley surrounded by mountains, which provides the perfect conditions for stargazing with little light pollution. Whether you’re into star photography or simply want to gaze at the dark sky, you can see an array of stars, the changing moon and spectacular natural light shows here.

Follow the Lost World Circuit Drive for a scenic journey that showcases the farming heritage of the Kerry Valley and Lost World and the pristine rainforest and rugged ranges of Christmas Creek.

Visit this sixth-generation working farm in the Kerry Valley to stock up on local produce and meet the resident animals on farm gate trails and open days.

“The Lost World features pristine rural landscapes covering alluvial plains and verdant mountain ranges where wildlife and agriculture meet and meld.”

There are only 12 accommodation options available within the Lost World so you can really enjoy the secluded beauty, genuine spaciousness and quality of your surroundings. Wongari Eco Resort is also pet-friendly, so people can bring their dogs on holiday as well.

Another unique attraction is Bimbul Cabin, an eco-cabin wholly powered by hydro technology that is completely off the grid. Bimbul, the local Indigenous name for the hoop pines along the creek, is located at Wongari Eco Resort and one of only two domestic hydro set-ups in Queensland.

The Lost World and Christmas Creek is an unknown area within the Scenic Rim and a secret little gem that is big on open space, quality of life and untouched environment.

A local secret

One of the best-kept local secrets is Christmas Creek Cafe & Cabins

where you can find real barista coffee daily plus hearty breakfasts and country-style meals on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.