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We have lift-off along The Scenic Rim

Feel on top of the world… and beyond! Fly The Scenic Rim. Choose your flight mode: paraglider, hang-glider, helicopter or hot-air balloon. Tandem-up safely, with fully qualified glider pilots. Hop in a helicopter to your favourite Scenic Rim winery, distillery, café or historic village.

Or choose a hot-air balloon ride that bask in the early morning light, drifting above the Scenic Rim with picturesque views to the Pacific beyond, culminating with a famous winery champagne breakfast. Be on top of the world!

The Scenic Rim in panoramic glory

From your balloon, the stunning spectacle is laid out, bathed in soft morning light, all the way to the Pacific Ocean. National Parks, rivers, streams, deep, lush rainforests, pretty towns, and farms slip by beneath, to land at a vineyard champagne breakfast.

What a way to rim the Scene!

Helicopter. The zippy way to get a buzz when you scoot, hover and drift above the world acclaimed Scenic Rim, camera at the ready. Your pilot can tailor-plan your trip highlights: rainforests to towns, farms to vineyards, distilleries and eateries. Feel on top of the world!

Like an eagle

On the wings of a para-glider or hang-glider, you’ll feel exhilarated as the rainforest canopy zips by, as you fly in tandem or in solo, having been skilled up by the best, fully accredited, training experts. This is the ultimate high above the Scenic Rim.