Groom’s Cottage & Bushwalker’s Bar

The Grooms Cottage 'Bushwalkers Bar' was always the heart of Binna Burra Lodge, being the...

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couple enjoying Sundowners at Grooms cottage & bushwalkers bar
interior of the Grooms cottage & bushwalkers bar
Grooms cottage & bushwalkers bar
Front view of the outdoor tables at Groom's
Grooms cottage & bushwalkers bar
View from a bench at  Grooms cottage & bushwalkers bar
Family enjoying the front lawn of Groom's Cottage


The Heritage Heart of Binna Burra.

For those wanting something a little more casual and cosy, stop by the Bushwalkers Bar for an afternoon drink or a tasty mountain meal, best enjoyed outside at sundown on the terrace, or inside for those colder evenings. Visit the Grooms Cottage bushwalkers bar in the evenings for a cosy atmosphere with locally supplied beverages and snacks. During the day, you can relax in the heritage reading room upstairs and enjoy spectacular views down the Numinbah Valley and over the Hinze Dam and the distant skyline of the Gold Coast beaches.

The Groom’s Cottage was the home of Arthur Groom who established Binna Burra Lodge (along with Romeo Lahey). As one of the last remaining heritage buildings at Binna Burra, they had to find a way to open this to the public, so theyve done just that. They welcome you to join those who have been enjoying the Grooms Cottage for 85 years and be a part of the new history of Binna Burra. Experience some of the most breathtaking scenery from the cottage terrace and a sundowner or two, before heading to the Binna Burra Tea House for dinner.