Governors Chair lookout track, Main Range National Park

Sit back and take in the incomparable panorama from this historically-significant vantage point over Lake...

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View over flats, mountains and valleys on cloudy day.


This walk is in Main Range National Park and begins at The Crest car park in Cunninghams Gap section of the park. This 150 metre walking track links the Governors Chair car park with the lookout over the Fassifern Valley.

Perched high on the edge of a cliff face, this large rock was reportedly a popular resting spot for early Queensland governors when their journeys took them through Spicers Gap. Originally known as Governors Rock, the name changed to Governors Chair in 1854 in honour of Sir Charles Fitzroy, the then Governor-General of the Australian colony.

The resting spot was also a favourite destination for Queensland’s first governor, Sir George Bowen, who would visit here from Brisbane town to feast his eyes upon the ‘incomparable panorama’.

This park is part of the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia World Heritage Area, famed for its ongoing geological processes, evolutionary history, and diversity (especially of rare, threatened and endemic species).

Image credit: Gareth McGuigan



Spicers Gap Road Main Range National Park - Spicers Gap
Aratula Qld 4309