If you’ve eaten a meal at Kooroomba Vineyard and Lavender Farm in recent years, you’ve had an authentic introduction to the food and farmers of the Scenic Rim.

That’s because Head Chef Daniel Groneberg shares his deep and long-running relationship with the Scenic Rim‘s producers in every dish he serves at the property’s restaurant, Kooroomba Kitchen. 

Kooroomba Kitchen Head Chef, Daniel Groneberg. Photo by Israel Rivera for Visit Scenic Rim.

Kooroomba is a visually striking place, tucked behind the tiny village of Mount Alford – population 268in the Scenic Rim’s fertile Fassifern Valley. 

Kooroomba has grown to become an iconic tourism destination as people book it for their dream wedding, delight in photographing the fields of lavender or even charter a helicopter there for lunch.  

But the real experience lies in the connection you feel with the dozens of Scenic Rim producers showcased on Kooroomba’s menu, because no-one understands the value of supporting small Scenic Rim farmers like Daniel does. 

Daniel lives about 20 minutes down the road, in the vegetable growing hub of Kalbar, surrounded by paddocks seasonally abundant with carrots, onions, corn, pumpkins and more, and a community built around farming. 

His support of Scenic Rim farmers extends well beyond his own immediate backyard, too, as he sources produce from the Kerry Valley to Running Creek, Allenview to Peak Crossing and everywhere in between. 

To get a true sense of just how loyal Daniel is to the farmers of the Scenic Rim, ask any of the local suppliers he sources ingredients from. 

Local dairy farmer Kay Tommerup has supplied her hand-churned butter to Daniel ever since she started making it in mid-2019, and his support has been invaluable to her as a small producer. 

The great thing about Dan is he‘s understanding about the changes that occur in a small farming enterprise and he consistently orders to ensure he can have our butter on his menu,” she said. 

“He never questions the value behind our product, he finds a way to use it in the restaurant and he does it not for praise or accolades but just because it’s who he is. 

“And the best thing is when you go to Kooroomba, the food is magnificent, and you know that so much of what’s on your plate is coming straight from local farmers like us.” 

Visit Scenic Rim spoke with Daniel about why he loves the Scenic Rim, its food and its farmers. 

Why do you use so much Scenic Rim produce on your menu? 

Because you’d be mad if you didn’t. You can’t have a restaurant in an agricultural area like the Fassifern Valley, and the Scenic Rim in general, without using the product that comes from there. As a chef you’d be crazy not to. It’s worth it for the quality diners receive on their plate, and for the relationships it builds with the local farming community. It’s not just about our menu – it’s about the local produce and sharing that produce with everyone who visits. 

What have you learned about the value of using Scenic Rim produce? 

Because we were already using local produce and had strong, established relationships with local farmers before the COVID-19 closures, we were able to pick up where we left off as soon as we were able to reopen. We could just reopen our doors and keep going with what we always did, because we didn’t rely on much to come in from outside the Scenic Rim and we already had those local supply chains set up. I’ve found it really important to source product from a central hub, and I use Oppy’s in Boonah as that central hub. A lot of small producers drop stuff off there when they’ve got it, and I also source product directly from some producers, and it’s all based on availability and seasonality. 

You’ve got more than 30 years’ experience in restaurants and hotels around the world. Why did you choose to work as a chef in the Scenic Rim? 

I was looking for somewhere to live that was rural and still close to a central hub like Brisbane, so first I found a place to live, at Kalbar, in 2015. I lived here for 12 months before I settled on a job here in 2016. It needed to be the right restaurant for the type of food I like to do and Kooroomba emerged as an opportunity. I chose to live here before I chose to cook here, and that says something about how good the Scenic Rim is as a place to live. 

Why should people put a lunch at Kooroomba Kitchen on their bucket list? 

There’s nothing better than tasting Scenic Rim produce while looking out at the fantastic view that our restaurant offers. It really is an experience you can’t get at any other venue in the Scenic Rim. It extends all the way from Mount French on the right all the way across to Mount Barney on the left. 

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For sixth generation locals the Harrisons, the Scenic Rim is all about family – sharing their family legacy, running their family business and being close to family.

The Harrisons have been in the area since the 1800s, in the days of the original Beaudesert Shire, when their family first settled in the region.

Matt, Sue and Ian Harrison, baby Naia, Kate Harrison and Phill McKeagg. Photo by Christine Sharp for Eat Local, Food Farming and Conversation in the Scenic Rim, Volume 2.

Now, Sue and Ian Harrison are continuing the legacy for future generations, sharing the beauty of the Scenic Rim through their gorgeous farm stay, Stay at Kirro, on their cattle grazing property Ladybrook Farm, in the Kerry Valley.

They run commercial beef cattle for export and local trade and they also sell their own bred cattle, which are processed in the Scenic Rim and sold at the farm gate on a regular basis.

Stay at Kirro is a beautiful farm stay in the Scenic Rim. Photo supplied by Stay at Kirro.

When you visit Stay at Kirro, you’ll discover the farm is quite the menagerie, with horses, sheep and working dogs also there to welcome you.

The Harrisons breed Australian Stock horses for work horses and camp drafts and they have ventured into Speckled Park cattle, with the pretty calves proving popular with farm stay guests.

They run meat sheep for their grandchildren to have as pets and for Stay at Kirro guests to feed and learn about, and they also have a team of working kelpies to help with the farm work.

We asked Ian and Sue to share some of their local tips for the best places to eat, drink and relax in the Scenic Rim.

What do you love about the Scenic Rim?

We like living in the Scenic Rim because we can be close to our family and friends and close to the Gold Coast for holidays, because we don’t get away very regularly  from our properties.

Our children and grandchildren, being the seventh generation of the Harrisons, all play an important part in our farm operation. Even though they don’t live on the farm, they are just a phone call away if we need a hand to get hay in or brand some new cattle, or fix our computers.

What’s your favourite place to eat/ drink in the Scenic Rim?

We like to go to VK Everydays in Beaudesert for lunch, and one of the pubs in town (Beaudesert Hotel or Railway Hotel) for dinner.

What’s your favourite Scenic Rim spot?

Having a large cattle property, we tend not to go out that much. We attend all the local camp drafts and we love to go to Barton’s Rose Farm at Kalbar to have a look and pick up a new rose bush or two. We love any of the local nurseries, or just a drive around the Scenic Rim.

Scenic Rim local Lisa Bradley has a thing for flying. And when you see the stunning patchwork of Scenic Rim mountains, lakes and farmland from the sky, you can start to understand why.

She’s been teaching paragliding and hang gliding for more than 20 years, and for the last seven years she’s operated Oz Paragliding and Hang Gliding in the Scenic Rim.

Oz Paragliding and Hang Gliding Chief Flying Instructor Lisa Bradley, front.

Lisa, 43, loves sharing her love of flying with her students at the Oz Sky Ranch flight park – a purpose-built teaching facility at Boyland, about 15 minutes out of Canungra.

She is the only qualified Chief Flying Instructor in both paragliding and hang gliding in Australia and New Zealand, and leads a strong team of flying instructors who she has trained and mentored herself.

Her consuming passions are paragliding and hang gliding (and teaching both of those sports) and she also loves gardening, flying small planes, yoga, kayaking, animals and farming.

You’re most likely to see her on the job, sharing her love of flying, but you might also see her shopping for plants for the Oz Sky Ranch at Mitre 10 in Beaudesert.

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We asked Lisa to share some of her local tips for the best places to eat, drink and relax in the Scenic Rim.

What do you love about the Scenic Rim?

I love the mountains and lakes and the friendly country people. It is one of the best places in Australia to go hang gliding and paragliding, and you can fly all year round.

What’s your favourite place to eat/ drink in the Scenic Rim?

I love all the cafes in Canungra. Canungra Hub, Bean in Canungra, The Outpost Café and Café Metz Canungra are great, and I also love Flying Bean Café at Beechmont. The Polish Place on Tamborine Mountain is really special, and Albert River Wines and the Bearded Dragon Hotel at Tamborine are my go-to spots for a great meal. They are all different in their own ways and it is nice to mix it up after flying.

What’s your favourite Scenic Rim spot?

The Oz Sky Ranch flight park in Boyland, at the base of Tambourine Mountain. It’s always been my dream to build a flight park where everyone could go tandem hang gliding and paragliding, and to share the dream of flying like a bird. The Oz Sky Ranch is a place that makes people’s dreams come true, and it’s been my dream to do that all along.

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Spending more time with the people we love in places that make us feel alive, connected and enriched has never been more important. 

Welcome to the Richest Place on Earth, In Australia is a celebration of the people and places of the Scenic Rim, where our true richness lies. 

During months of lockdown, many of us developed a newfound respect for what really matters: connecting with people and with the world around us in an authentic and meaningful way. 

Welcome to the Richest Place on Earth, in Australia is us, the people of the Scenic Rim, sharing our home with you.  

It’s about the rich satisfaction of visiting the Scenic Rim and enjoying what’s most important – the things money can’t buy.


What really sets us apart here – aside from our stunning World Heritage Listed National Parks, our enticing places to stay and play and our award-winning food and wineis our people. 

Whether you’re buying fresh sheep cheese from Carolyn and Dallas at Towri Sheep Cheeses, farm-fresh delights from Kay, Dave and their family at Tommerup’s Dairy Farm larder, having a beer with Mike at Scenic Rim Brewery, bundling the kids into the car for a family holiday to remember at the iconic Thunderbird Park, run by Judi and Bob Minnikin on Tamborine Mountain or booking a delightful Kalbar getaway at Herrmann House, owned by passionate Scenic Rim visionary April Cornwell, you’ll love our locals. 

The people of the Scenic Rim welcome you with open arms. When you book a Scenic Rim holiday or hop in the car for a day trip, we want you to leave feeling enriched and counting down the days until your return. 

So, hop to it! Explore our hand-picked offers and book your visit to the Scenic Rim to discover why we’re the Richest Place on Earth, in Australia. 

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Meet the Tommerup family.

Kay and Dave Tommerup run Tommerup’s Dairy Farm and Farmstay.

Dave is a sixth-generation dairy farmer and together this husband and wife duo work the Kerry farm which has been in the Tommerup family since the 1880s.

The Tommerup’s milk is sent to Norco, a farmer-owned co-operative focused on making sustainable returns to farmers.

Kay and Dave regularly open their farm to visitors in a bid to break down the city-country divide and to share their piece of paradise with others. They have restored two historic properties on the farm and offer them to visitors who wish to linger longer.

The Tommerups are preparing for two exciting upcoming events – Mother’s Day Picnic on the Farm on May 12 and the Wild Canary Long Table Lunch on May 25.

The Mother’s Day event is a relaxed day on the farm where visitors can pre-order picnic hampers, meet the local farm menagerie, help feed the calves, browse the market stalls and enjoy a day in the country.

The Wild Canary Long Table Lunch is a popular, all-day event which features a four-course lunch by Wild Canary head chef Glenn Barrett. The Tommerup’s will have a selection of their products available at both days, including their heritage pork, sausages, ham, milk, cheese and cream from their new creamery, which will be launched on the day. Tommerup’s Creamery will be the only on-farm creamery in Queensland producing buttermilk and cultured butter exclusively from their own herd.

We asked Kay and Dave to share their local tips for the best places to eat, drink and enjoy the views in the Scenic Rim.

Book your spot at the Wild Canary Long Table Lunch on Tommerup’s Dairy Farm.

Kay’s favourite Scenic Rim place to eat is …

Right now I’m loving a quick afternoon tea visit to VK Everydays Cafe in Beaudesert. Their lemon and ginger cheesecake is my weakness and there’s always a smiling face and a warm welcome to be had. I love that they support local producers and are working hard to showcase the amazing variety of quality products and produce we have in the Scenic Rim.

Bunjurgen Estate Verjuice.

Our Favourite Scenic Rim drink …

We love making a Bunjurgen Estate Verjuice with sparkling water. It’s a nice way to celebrate with friends when you want something special but not alcoholic. The Picnic Bubbles from O’Reilly’s Canungra Valley Vineyard go beautifully with our picnic hampers which feature our own charcuterie and delicious Scenic Rim goodies. It’s a favourite with our farm stay guests.

The Tommerup’s milk is sold via Norco.

Our favourite place for a coffee in the Scenic Rim …

Actually our drink of choice is a milkshake (no surprises there…) and BeanTo in Beaudesert make a great milkshake. Not only do they use Norco milk, but the flavour is spot on. The retro décor makes it a lovely spot to take a break.

Discover the Lost World.

What we love about the Scenic Rim ….

There’s such variety throughout the region. Whether it be the landscape, the people, the history or the food, there’s really something for everyone. You can drive to a different part of the region and feel like you’re in a completely different geographical place. It’s so diverse.

One mountain after another.

Our favourite Scenic Rim view is …

There are so many that could be on this list but our favourite is definitely looking from our picnic paddock up to the Lost World and the Border Ranges beyond. The mountains often have a beautiful blue hue about them. There’s something about that view that’s just so relaxing. It’s easy to see why our guests are happy to while away the hours there.

The Stinson Airliner went missing in 1937 while flying over the McPherson Range.

Dave’s favourite SR walk is …

While I do plenty of walking on the farm, I don’t get a lot of time for walking as a hobby. I really enjoyed doing the Stinson walk a couple of years ago. My grandfather was part of the rescue team that carried out the survivors of the Stinson crash over 80 years ago. My son, Harry, and I walked the track for Harry’s 18th birthday and it held special meaning for both of us. It’s not an easy walk but very rewarding to reach the crash site and think about the history of those who were part of that rescue mission.

Visitors flock to Tommerup’s Dairy for a farming experience.

Why the Scenic Rim is such a great place for farming …

This area has beautiful alluvial soil and good access to water, most of the time. The growth of the Eat Local movement in our region has created opportunities for farmers to place a higher value on their product; a more realistic and sustainable value. We love being part of the farmers/producers network and the camaraderie established through the introduction of Eat Local Week in the Scenic Rim.  There’s so much history over generations of farmers throughout the region, it’s a privilege to continue the family tradition here. The view from our ‘office’ is none too shabby either!

Nikki Hobbs is a woman of many skills.

A seasoned public relations and communications specialist, in recent years Nikki has turned her attention to the building and design industry.

Nikki and her builder husband Luke run Hobbs Building & Interiors. Luke heads up the building side and Nikki lends her design flair to the interiors as Nikki Hobbs Interiors.

The couple live and work in the Scenic Rim and specialise in steel frame construction and have a passion for sustainable products.

Nikki Hobbs and the Hobbs Building team.

We asked Nikki to share her local tips on the best places to eat, drink and enjoy great design.

Canungra locals, Luke and Nikki Hobbs.

My Favourite Scenic Rim place to eat is …

Yikes, I’m having difficulty culling to just one so will list my highlights including The Overflow Estate at Wyaralong, Mason Wines Tamborine Mountain, Ginja Ninja Canungra, Wholefood Organic Harvest (veggie box delivery service) and all the Eat Local Week events (yum)!

Grapest 5K Run at The Overflow Estate 1895.

The Overflow Estate 1895.

My Favourite Scenic Rim place to have coffee is …

Some may refer to me as a ‘coffee-shop-hopper’ pending the location of our job sites, however always a constant is Cafe’ Metz in the heart of Canungra. Their staff are so lovely and a bar seat overlooking the main street action is always fun! (And kudos to The Treehouse and Greenlane Coffee, both on Mount Tamborine which should also get mentions as my faves).

Green Lane Coffee Plantation offers Sunday tours by appointment. Photo by Christine Sharp.

What I love about the Scenic Rim is …

Relocating to the region has reminded us of living in Canada; whereby comprised of picturesque countryside, like-minded outdoors folk and that there’s always something fun to see and do! (Including building eco-friendly homes for our clients, ha).

We’re also incredibly grateful for all our friendly neighbours (which doesn’t happen in the city these days) and often enjoy their company for gatherings (and for looking after our animals when we’re away)!

My favourite Scenic Rim view is …

Can I choose two? Firstly from the spectacular Moonlight Crag (located at O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat) and secondly from the new (and improved) cantilevered timber deck at St Bernard’s Hotel on Mount Tamborine. It’s picture-perfect at sunset overlooking the escarpment and Gold Coast.

St Bernards Hotel

My favourite Scenic Rim walk is …

I’m off to Spain to walk a portion of the Camino later this month with Live Fit Gym in Canungra and hence have been getting mileage in my hiking boots of late (including Springbrook, Lamington, Binna Burra and Mount Tamborine).

However, my favourite walk was without a doubt the 37km Stinson hike, culminating at Christmas Creek on dusk after 14 gruelling hours. It’s a very heroic story retracing the footsteps of Bernard O’Reilly and one which I strongly encourage all Scenic Rim locals to give it a go.

Beers at Scenic Rim Brewery. Photo by Christine Sharp.

Your favourite Scenic Rim building?

It’s got to be the quaint Scenic Rim Brewery in Mount Alford. The tasteful country-style renovation and welcoming outdoor seating area is the epitome of the #scenicrim

Bronwyn McDonald of Scenic Rim Brides.

Bronwyn McDonald, owner and creator of Scenic Rim Bride, has 20+ years working in wedding and event management and styling and brings her expert eye to your Scenic Rim wedding.

Bronwyn is a creative and romantic at heart and she lives and breathes dream weddings.

Prior to returning to her home on Tamborine Mountain, Bronwyn worked for Japan Airlines, as well as the Sheraton and Versace Resorts on the Gold Coast. Now she channels her experience and creative eye to Scenic Rim wedding venues, sharing her talent and love of detail with newlyweds who want to add a natural, rural and on-trend country vibe to their nuptials.

“The Scenic Rim is so vast and has so much available here that often people don’t know where to start” says Bronwyn.

“My background is in styling and I love to work with brides and grooms to bring their event together and focus on everything right through to those finishing touches.”

For the past year Bronwyn and her team has pulled together a comprehensive guide to some of the region’s most incredible venues – from modern country, to rural tranquillity, to cliff-top intimacy.

From the ceremony to the accommodation, the styling and the photography, Scenic Rim Bride can be your one-stop shop for wedding planning.

Go to the Scenic Rim Bride website for a community directory of dream venues, as well as some amazing wedding images shot around the region.

Bronwyn shares her tips on the best places for food, wine and romance in the Scenic Rim.

My favourite Scenic Rim place to eat is …

I’m passionate about our food and where it comes from and most of all, flavour!!
Breakfast:  Wild Plum Kitchen, Sticky black rice pudding in winter and smashed avo mizuna with snow pea tendrils, radish, sesame and miso butter on sourdough every other time of the year!
Lunch: Is usually on the run so a plant based salad from Sacred Earth Wholefoodskeeps me going or on the weekends I love enjoying everything Kooroomba Vineyards and Lavender Farm has to offer, from stunning architecture to delicious food, it’s a beautiful dining experience.
Dinner:  Leaf Japanese for casual dining, or takeaway. For fine dining my choice would be Pethers Rainforest Retreat, both are close to my home on Tamborine Mountain.

My favourite Scenic Rim date is …

Where do I start? Probably with a helicopter ride to Kooroomba Vineyards and Lavender Farm for lunch with my love (it’s on my to do list for 2019!)
Or a picnic lunch at Glenloch Gatehouse, enjoying their 2ha of gardens, paired with a Witches Falls wine and a selection of gourmet local cheeses from The Vintage Pickle.

My favourite Scenic Rim place to have coffee is …

Green Lane Coffee, Tamborine – they make a good almond milk cappuccino and they have WIFI!

What I love about the Scenic Rim is ….

What I love about the Scenic Rim is … it’s so vast yet it’s all connected.  The people are warm, genuine and super passionate about the region and excited to share their ideas for weddings and open their doors with a warm invitation for me to view their exclusive properties.

My favourite Scenic Rim view is …

My favourite Scenic Rim view is …  We are spoiled for choice when it comes to views but lately I have been loving Rosins Lookout in Beechmont and the view from Lake Moogerah.  Seeing the cows roam freely and bath in the lake is a surreal like feeling yet it’s nature working at its best, untouched.

My favourite Scenic Rim walk is …

My favourite Scenic Rim walk is … the one to my car on a Thursday morning! Thursdays are allocated for exploring more of the Rim and meeting the faces behind the places.

April Cornwell at her Kalbar luxury accommodation, Herrmann House

April Cornwell is the vision and energy behind the beautiful refurbishment of some of Kalbar’s most historic properties.

April, together with husband Paul, has overseen a two-year project to inject new life into the former Kalbar Methodist Church and most recently Herrmann House in George Street Kalbar.

It’s just one of a number of new businesses to open in Kalbar recently. Read more about the changes happening at Kalbar.

The White Chapel and Black Hall Kalbar are now being offered for weddings, christenings and other events, while Hermann House is available for luxury rural accommodation for groups up to eight adults.

The Cornwells moved Herrmann House from its original location just outside Kalbar and have undertaken a sympathetic renovation, connecting the homestead to another historic local cottage to create a large, luxurious property.

Herrmann House, named after its most recent owners Kate and Vince Herrmann, was built in the 1880s and was originally owned by Franz and Jacob Surawski.

April says she is proud to have been able to bring new life to the beautiful property, which she knows will make the perfect base for brides-to-be and their friends and family.

April and Paul have been visiting their Lake Moogerah farm for many years and in that time have found some favourite haunts for coffee, food and stunning views.

April shares her local’s knowledge on the best places to eat, drink and explore the region’s rich history.

The beautifully-restored Herrmann House Kalbar

My favourite Scenic Rim place to eat is …

The Royal Hotel Roadvale for one of their amazing (and naughty) burgers. We love to take our friends from the city out there . They always love the country atmosphere, the cold beer and fabulous gourmet burgers that they have. It’s a little secret spot!

My favourite Scenic Rim place to have coffee is …

Lovett Cafe at Kalbar. Lindsay and her guys always make the most consistently good coffee .

What I love about the Scenic Rim is ….

The way that the community wraps their arms around you like a big, warm country hug. They are the friendliest people around.

My favourite Scenic Rim view is …

I have never tired of the view from our farm at Lake Moogerah. We have magnificent views of Mount Moon and all of the surrounding mountains. Up there it’s easy to see why this region is called the ‘Scenic Rim’.

My favourite Scenic Rim walk is …

The walk to the Governors Chair Lookout in the Main Range national Park. The walk looks out over the Fassifern Valley. It’s absolutely beautiful.

Lisa Groom, interNATIONAL PARKtours.

Lisa Groom is a member of the pioneering Groom family, whose vision and hard work helped create the beautiful Binna Burra Lodge. Following in the footsteps of her grandfather Arthur and father Tony, Lisa now leads guided walking tours of her much-loved home region.

Her business, interNATIONAL PARKtours, offers guided walking tours to stunning destinations in the Scenic Rim, Australia and overseas.

In 2019 Lisa and her team will offer Scenic Rim Short Breaks, bringing together the region’s best walks, food, wine and natural scenery.

We asked Lisa to share her local tips on the best places to eat, drink, have coffee and walk!

Favourite Scenic Rim place to eat

Kooroomba Vineyard and Lavender Farm, just outsie Boonah, for beautifully cooked seasonal lunches and dinners.
Tamborine Mountain Pizza for a Friday night in.

Favourite Scenic Rim place to have coffee

For a jaw-dropping view, The Flying Bean Cafe on Beechmont.
For the best chai latte or mocha, The Mountain Brew Coffee on Tamborine Mountain.


What I love about the Scenic Rim is ….

The amazing natural diversity, from the views of Main Range and Moogerah Peaks, to the quiet valleys of Lost World, then the cooling rainforests of Lamington National Park. Combine that with outstanding food & wine, and passionate local people in every community, there’s always something happening in part of the Scenic Rim.

My favourite Scenic Rim view is …

The Coomera Falls Lookout in Lamington National Park and the sunset across the Main Range from Green Hills Road, just outside Boonah.

Mt Maroon by Jason Charles Hill

Favourite Scenic Rim walk?

I have two. The Mt Maroon walk, as it offers enough excitement as you climb up then views in every direction.
I also love the Daves Creek walk in Lamington National Park for its diversity and changing landscapes


Wendy & Mike Webster, Scenic Rim Brewery.

Mike and Wendy Webster are perfect hosts.
You’ll find this husband and wife duo at their beautifully-restored Scenic Rim Brewery, located in the small town of Mt Alford, south-west of Boonah.
Mike is chief brew master, responsible for cool, refreshing drops with fun names – Shazza, Fat Man and Digga’s Pale Ale.
Wendy can be found behind the counter, creating delicious meals and bar snacks to perfectly partner with Mike’s beers.
Like many craft brewers, Mike’s brewing career started in the family garage many years ago. He travelled to Berlin Germany to learn more about the craft and has been hooked ever since.
Mike and Wendy bought the rundown former Mt Alford General Store and spent a year renovating.
They opened the doors in December 2016 and have been busy ever since.
As well as beer and great food, the couple stock a range of other locally-produced products, as well as coffee, milkshakes, scones, croquettes and amazing fresh pretzels.
The Scenic Rim Brewery is very much a family affair – with Mike and Wendy’s three adult children providing input into the menu, the beers and other aspects of the customer experience.

We asked Mike to share his locals’ knowledge and highlight his favourite Scenic Rim spots to eat, drink and soak up the views.

Scenic Rim Brewery beer

Favourite Scenic Rim place to eat

Best caféArthur Clive’s Boonah
Best pub grubMount Alford Hotel, then the Dugandan Hotel
Five starKooroomba Vineyard & Lavender Farm

Favourite Scenic Rim place to have coffee

To be honest we think the barista we employ is the best in our region but if we’re out and about we go to Arthur Clive’s in Boonah and Bean To? at Beaudesert.

What I love about the Scenic Rim is …

Its proximity to everything and our nature. We have mountains, lakes, farms, rainforests, quaint country towns and people. I was born and raised in Brisbane and the Scenic Rim offers everything city people yearn for. I’m just lucky I live here and experience it every day.

Mike’s favourite view over Lake Moogerah.

My favourite Scenic Rim view is …

When you live in the Scenic Rim you are surrounded by spectacular views everywhere you go, but one of my favorites is looking out across Lake Moogerah towards Mt Greville with The Great Divide in the background.

Scenic Rim photographer Sabine Bannard. Image by Annabelle Hickson.

Sabine Bannard is a Tamborine Mountain-based photographer who captures beautiful vignettes of the local area, Scenic Rim people, creatives and producers.
Her photography shows the region in a gorgeous light and celebrates the region’s diversity.
Sabine is known for her moody botanical pictures, capturing the simplicity of a fleeting moment, and for her storytelling of local communities and the individuals within them.
Sabine moved to Tamborine Mountain in 2005, after arriving to Australia with her Australian husband, Martin, in 2003, together with their young children. Martin had spent his teenage years working on the mountain at the local Rock Shop and at Thunderbird Park. Their son Will not works at the rock shop!
Sabine trained in hospitality, working for Michelin Star restaurants and trained in wines through her father’s boutique wine business.
“I always joke that I grew up in a wine barrel,” she says. “I spent most of my childhood visiting wineries all over Germany and eating local food at amazing restaurants and pubs. My dad always wanted us to try everything, especially what the locals ate.”
During the 1990s Sabine worked as a presenter and producer for a German music television station in Cologne. She also worked as a DJ, presenting a weekly house and techno show which ultimately led her to Australia where she met her husband, then working as a party promoter.
“I’m still greatly inspired by music and my love for storytelling comes from my time doing TV, where I filed reports about DJs and places all over Europe and even Autralia.”
Sabine’s love for good food, people and places found a visual outlet on Instagram, where she is known as @_housefrau.
She discovered a love for photography and spends her days behind the lens of her Canon camera, capturing tailored content. She jokes that she’s known locally as ‘the German living on the mountain behind the sea.”

We asked Sabine to share her locals’ knowledge of where to eat, drink and soak in the Scenic Rim’s views.

Favourite Scenic Rim place to eat & have coffee

I actually love a good warm savoury breakfast and could have this any time of the day. So here is a list of my favourite places.
I love exploring new places to eat, have a coffee and enjoy the scenery. There are so many places I haven’t been but keen to check out.
Favourites up on Mount Tamborine, where we live are definitely: Wild Plum Kitchen, Green Lane Coffee, The Treehouse and most definitely the delicious creations at The Vintage Pickle and Marsala Shanti.
I also love to check out The Story Tree in Boonah and breakfast with a view at Binna Burra Mountain Lodge is high on my list too. Actually all meals here are great.

Sabine enjoys the food at Tamborine Mountain Indian restaurant Marsala Shanti.

My favourite place in the Scenic Rim is …

I would have to say Mount Tamborine, where we live. It’s truly magical. The drive up from Tamborine Village, when the shrubby dry forest changes to subtropical rainforest, it always gives me goose bumps.
The views up here are also amazing, the beautiful valley on one side and the ocean on the other.
When I think about favourite places, it’s the feeling this region gives me. Driving though the Scenic Rim is an experience not to miss, the wide open land, how the colours change from winter to summer and everything in-between. The high open sky, it feels like Australia to me. Whenever I have someone visiting from Europe (where I originally come from) I make sure to show the them the true side of Australia (how I like to call it, it’s not all beach  and palms).

Sabine works with ethical Tamborine Mountain denim producer Outland Denim.

What I love about the Scenic Rim is …

I love that is so open, wide, raw, beautiful, fertile and of course the hardworking people, who are so proud of their land and produce. The people, their passion, the and land and their produce are inseparable in the Scenic Rim. That’s what I love the most about it.
Oh and not to forget all the small roadside stalls with honesty boxes. One day I will drive around the whole Scenic Rim and document and photograph them all.

Sabine captured Christine Sharp and Brenda Fawdon during Eat Local Week.

My favourite Scenic Rim view is …

Ah, so many. The lookout on Mount Tamborine is very special to me or us as a family. We used to rent nearby and I would take the kids to the lookout at least once week to run around, feel the wind and watch the sunset.
The drive from Tamborine to Beaudesert is glorious too, that old shed on the way!!! And how gorgeous is Lake Moogerah and the view at Binna Burra Lodge.
And Beechmont!

The secret’s out, we have winners!



Thanks to everyone who entered our Secrets Competition, we loved reading through your favourite Scenic Rim places to experience romance, adventure, food and wine and family time.

The winners are:

Romantic Escape Winner –  Katharine Franks favourite ‘secret’ adventure

The lost world- secluded, romantic and wild. It’s our  favourite scenic rim (secret, shh) and it is still a pretty big secret. We love having to get out to open the farmers’ gates, driving slowly through the cattle, then to round the bend and Mt Razorback greets you. Every occasion we have visited, we were always alone and you can’t leave without taking a dip in the Albert river. Don’t forget the picnic blanket, wine and cheeses.

Katherine won 2 nights mid-week at Witches Falls private cottage including breakfast, Ripple massages, bottle of wine & cheese platter.

Family Escape Winner – Julia Bates Gussoni’s favourite ‘secret’ adventure

My Scenic Rim ‘secret’ is probably one of the better-known destinations, Lower Portals at Mount Barney. It’s the perfect family adventure — a bit of dirt road excitement to reach the carpark, plenty of exercise and wildlife-watching on the hike and, finally, beautiful, clear pools to cool down in before the return journey commences. Be sure to pack a picnic lunch and see if you can spot the friendly eel who calls the pools home. I guarantee you won’t hear a peep from the kids on the drive home!

Julia won 2 nights at Milford Country Cottages, whipcracking & boomerang throwing at Cedar Glen Farmstay, Bush Buddies wildlife encounter.

Food & Wine Escape Winner – Jennifer Refiti favourite ‘secret’ adventure

A trip to Mt Alford artisan markets to buy some local chutneys and oils, across the road to the Scenic Rim Brewery for a tasting paddle, the best steak sandwich at the Mt Alford pub and then drop in for a wine tasting at Kooroomba Vineyards and Lavender Farm. And take in the picturesque scenery along the way…..

Jennifer won 2 nights at The Old Church B&B with breakfast, champagne and chocolates, $100 voucher for Dugandan Hotel, and wine tasting at Paradine Winery.


Outdoor Adventure Escape Winner – Tyson Burns favourite ‘secret’ adventure

The lower waterfall at Mt Greville. Two weeks ago I took two of my kids to Mt Greville, this was in between the bouts of rain. The creeks were flowing fast, air fresh. Everyone was getting stir CRAZY from being stuck inside…so off we went. We headed up the track toward waterfall gorge, just before you take the turn to the gorge veer right head down the slope to the bottom of the 15m high waterfall. The spray from the waterfall wisps through the rainforest gully with crystal clear water. Awesome!

Tyson won Rock climbing activity for up to 10 people at Mt Barney Lodge including morning tea and guiding by expert leaders.

Nathan and Jodie Overell from Worendo Cottages

Nathan and Jodie Overell from Worendo Cottages

Nathan and Jodie Overell run Worendo Cottages and the Wild Lime Cooking School in the spectacular Lost World.
The business was started by Nathan’s parents Sue and Rob and overlooks the world heritage rainforest mountains of the Lamington National Park.
The Overells offer their visitors a unique and invigorating escape from the mundane, in a stunning and peacefull wilderness settings.
The property features romantic cottages for couples and larger farm houses for families and groups.
Nathan and Jodie are overseeing a small expansion, with two new cabins and a kitchen-dining area to be complete by July 2018, which will expand the group retreat offerings available. In-house meals will also be offered to guests.
As well as the accommodation, Worendo is well-known for its Wild Lime Cooking School, situated on the property and run by local chef Kate Raymont.
The casual cooking classes use local ingredients and finish with a communal, long-table lunch.

We asked Nathan and Jodie to share their locals’ knowledge of where to eat, drink and soak in the Scenic Rim’s views.

Favourite Scenic Rim place to eat

The Ginga Ninja in Canungra tops our list…  their sashimi bowl is fantastic but everything is fresh and beautifully presented.  We can’t go through Canungra without stopping!  If you’re after the best in gourmet goodies then it definitely has to be The Vintage Pickle on Mt Tamborine.  They also promote a wide range of Scenic Rim products.  For a pub meal we have to say St Bernards on Mt Tamborine.  Amazing views, a lovely feel to the place and great grub!

Favourite SR coffee spot

When we are in town (Beaudesert) “Our go to is the Bean To”.   Great organic coffee, the friendliest staff and always fun to check out the eclectic decor.  Closer to home we love the Christmas Creek Cafe (and Cabins)  You can sit on the deck staring up at the Mountains of Lamington National Park and the kids (we have 3 small boys) are taken care of by the foosball and ping pong table and the toy collections inside which gives us a chance to relax and have a chat.  The coffee is great too and Katy makes a mean burger if you are hungry!

My favourite place in the Scenic Rim is …

Lamington National Park.  We live with those mountains standing above us and the urge to explore round the next corner of the Albert River is never ending fun.  Often a short walk to a swimming hole can lure you into a longer adventure!

What I love about the Scenic Rim is …

It is close…  but far….  You can get lost in The Lost World for days and feel like you are far removed from city stresses and the fast pace…  but jump in a car and be soaking up Southbank Culture or a game at the Gabba in just 90 minutes.  We also love the food and tourism diversity.  With such a lush and dynamic region we are filled with pockets of small scale perfection.  Running our Wild Lime Cooking School has helped us realise the incredible variety of produce available right on our doorstep.  Nowhere else can you go for a half hour drive and pick up anything from coffee to carrots or camel milk!
Views from Worendo Cottages

Views from Worendo Cottages

My favourite Scenic Rim view is ….

From the deck of any of our Cottages.  People ask us all the time if we ever get sick of the view.  No we don’t.  It is ever changing as the weather rolls around and the seasons change and not one day goes by that something doesn’t stop me in my tracks and have me staring for a few minutes in appreciation.

Verity and Doogan O’Hanlon are breathing new life into one of the Scenic Rim’s most recognisable destinations – Kooroomba Vineyard & Lavender Farm.

Since buying the property, the couple have undertaken a number of changes, including the development of a stunning and unique wedding chapel.

Doogan and Verity Kooroomba web-

Verity and Doogan O’Hanlon

Kooroomba is a favourite for Queensland newlyweds who love the stunning mountain backdrop and fields of lavender.

For Doogan it’s a return to the town he was born and a chance to raise their young family in a rural community.

The couple is busy planning their Easter weekend festivities, which will feature food vans, joy flights and horse and carriage rides.

The popular Artist in-residence program returns from late March and is a good way to meet local artists and buy direct from the creators.

Lavender season begins in May and runs though to September. You’ll find many insta-worthy vistas when the lavender is in full glorious bloom.

Kooroomba Lavender Farm and Vineyard in the Scenic Rim

Wine with a view at Kooroomba Lavender Farm. Image by @johnnyboy88

Verity and Doogan share their local knowledge on the best Scenic Rim spots to wine, dine and enjoy the views.

Favourite place to eat

On a special occasion we love nothing more than heading up to Spicers Peak Lodge for lunch and have even been fortunate enough to be flown there by Pterodactyl Helicopters. We also enjoy some of the best country pub hospitality in this region and thoroughly enjoy a parmi at any one of the local watering holes. Particular favourites are The Dugandan Hotel, The Commercial Hotel and The Roadvale.

Favourite coffee spot

We really enjoy going for a drive up to the Shed Café outside Rathdowney on a rare day off. We also love to wander through their gift shop, looking at their knick knacks. Otherwise you can find us at Storey Tree Cafe with the kids. They do the best sausage rolls around. For a hearty bacon & eggs we go to Café 17 and if we feel like an omelette and a bit of history we head to Flavours Cafe in the old Boonah Butter Factory. It still amazing us that there are eight different café’s, three pubs and three butcher shops in the main street of Boonah! It has such an energetic vibe for a small country town and you can literally start at the top of the street and not walk further than 30m and you can buy a coffee somewhere. The coffee and food culture here is very under-rated.

Kooroomba Vineyard and Lavender Farm. Image by Kate Wall (@katethelightchaser)

My favourite place in the Scenic Rim is …

We love taking the kids and Banjo our Dog to the dams for a swim and a picnic, after walking one of the many amazing bush walks that are in the Scenic Rim. There are so many to choose from and for all different levels of fitness and the views are amazing.

What I love about the Scenic Rim is …

That it is on Brisbane’s door step, and in less than one hour you can be driving through amazing scenery and rolling green hills. There is something really special about winter in the Scenic Rim and nothing is better than getting home after work, putting on the fire and relaxing with a glass of Kooroomba Vineyard red. It really is a special area that is only just starting to be discovered.

My favourite Scenic Rim view is …

The view from our back deck of the old family farm is one that I have grown up on and it over looks the town of Boonah and it is a special place that has only ever been held in the family, so we are very lucky to be able to enjoy that every day. The other view is when you are driving from Ipswich towards Boonah and you pass the big tree on the right hand side – the local’s know it as One Tree Hill. It’s the first glimpse of that panoramic mountain and you know you really are in the Scenic Rim.
Of course the view from our vineyard is pretty special too!

Perfect place for romance, Kooroomba Vineyard and Lavender Farm in the Scenic Rim. Image by Fontaine Photos.

Kooroomba Wedding Chapel captured by Fontaine Photos.

Innes Larkin welcomes visitors to his Mt Barney Lodge, offering guests an easy, accessible back-to-nature experience. We asked him to share his Scenic Rim highlights.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. That’s certainly the case when it comes to industrial sculptor Christopher Trotter.
The Boonah-based artist is behind some of Queensland’s most recognisable public art sculptures.

Tourism pioneer Shane O’Reilly shares his thoughts on the best Scenic Rim places to eat, drink, explore and soak in the views.

Michelle Roper-Dennis, of Canungra gift shop My Country Escape, shares her favourite Scenic Rim places to eat, drink and enjoy in the views.

Suzy Buhle Scenic Rim artist Suzy Buhle has a unique style which shines through all her works.

She is well-known for painting voluptuous women, but her repertoire doesn’t stop there. She was raised on a local beef property and enjoys capturing the beautiful faces of her ‘neighbours’, the Brahman cattle herd.

Suzy works from a gallery-studio in a historic building in the town of Kalbar. She loves chatting to art enthusiasts and is open to commissions. She has painted a broad range of subjects – from cherished family pets, cattle and family portraits.

Suzy’s latest exhibition Domestic Goddess opens on Saturday, August 19.

She trained at the Queensland College of Art and later lived and worked on the Gold Coast and in Sydney. Suzy returned to the Scenic Rim to raise her sons and takes inspiration from the people and scenic landscape which surrounds her.

Her work is joyful, colourful and is sought-after by her dedicated league of followers.

We caught up with Suzy to get her local’s tips for eating, drinking and walking in the Scenic Rim.

Favourite local food: Bitter Sweet Symphony ( Kalbar) Best Waldorf Salad!

Favourite Coffee: Storytree ( Boonah) relaxed/ chilled

Favourite place to visit: Can’t beat beautiful Lake Moogerah – stunning

What I love most about the Scenic Rim …  is the beauty that surrounds everywhere and the warmth and friendliness of the people.

Best View: From our verandah at home. It’s gorgeous and takes in the mountain ranges, Cunningham’s Gap and changes every day. I never tire of that view. We are so lucky we live in this part of the world.

Visit Suzy’s Studio Gallery in Edward St Kalbar, Wednesday to Saturday from 10am.