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What mountain is that? The Steamers

07 Feb 2019
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The Steamers

Location: Main Range National Park

The Steamers are iconic rock formations,  said to be the remnants of a thick trachyte lava flow from the Main Range Volcano.

They are found in a rugged and remote section of Main Range National Park and are named for their resemblance to an old steamship with four high protruding peaks – the Stern, Prow, Funnel and Mast.

The Steamers present a challenging trail for experienced hikers and should only be attempted by well-prepared bush walkers equipped with a compass and topographical map of Mt Superbus.

Fit walkers can also find their way in with the help of an experienced guide, like local Teresa Cause from Horizon Guides.


The Steamers

The Steamers, by @_danno_29


The Steamers are situated within Main Range National Park, which was formed in August 1980 through the amalgamation of a number of national parks reserved along the Main Range dating back to July 1909.

Main Range National Park is in the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia World Heritage Area, and forms part of the most extensive area of subtropical rainforest in the world.

Access is via the Cunningham Highway, about 2.5 hours south-west of Brisbane, and The Steamers can be approached from Teviot Falls or Emu Creek Road in the Southern Downs.

The Steamers by @_danno_29

The Steamers by @_danno_29

There are no marked walking tracks to The Steamers, and those wishing to complete the hike must find their own way using a topographical map and compass, or engage the services of a local guide.

Experienced hiker Dan Parkes, who often shares beautiful images and videos from his hikes as @_danno_ on Instagram and Bushies Untamed on Facebook, shared his experience on the blog, We are Explorers.

Dan provides some directions to the base of The Prow, and describes The Steamers as a perfect challenge for hikers with experience and who wish to be tested physically and navigationally.

He guarantees those who make the effort will be rewarded with what he considers “the best view in south-east Queensland”.


The nearest Scenic Rim towns are Mt Alford, Boonah and Aratula, which offer a variety of food, beer, wine and accommodation options.

There are also camping options in Main Range National Park, including the Davies Ridge Remote Area Bush Camp, Lower Panorama Point Remote Area Bush Camp, Mount Steamer Saddle Remote Area Bush Camp, Panorama Point Remote Area Bush Camp, South Branch Remote Area Bush Camp, Steamer Creek Remote Area Bush Camp and Stern Remote Area Bush Camp.

Each of those camping options are listed as suitable for a ‘long hike to site’, and recommended for experienced off-track walkers with specialist equipment and well-developed navigational skills.

The Steamers by @worldofclaire

The Steamers by @worldofclaire

There is a reason The Steamers are becoming known as one of south-east Queensland’s most iconic landscape features, and everyone is keen to keep it preserved for generations to come.

The minimise the impact of your visit to this area of natural and cultural significance, check out the Leave no Trace principles.