attractions: The Lost World and Christmas Creek

Christmas Creek

The hike from Christmas Creek to Westray’s Grave and The Stinson begins not far from Christmas Creek Café & Cabins.

In 1937 a Stinson Airliner had crashed on a flight from Brisbane. With many people believing the plane had crashed somewhere over New South Wales no search had been conducted in the Lamington Area until Bernard O’Reilly heard the news one week after the crash and set off in search of the crash site based on a hunch.
He found two survivors at the crash site and was told another man, Jim Westray, had also survived and set off down the nearly sheer bluffs to Christmas Creek where his body was found. Jim Westray is buried by Christmas Creek. Visiting his grave lets you witness this incredibly rugged country where O’Reilly walked without tracks to rescue the plane crash survivors.
This hike takes you along the beautiful Christmas Creek on one of the few hikes in Lamington National Park. It is also the start of much harder hikes such as Larapinta Falls, Stinson Crash Site and Point Lookout Peak. A lovely creek walk with small waterfalls, pools suitable for swimming.


Christmas Creek Road, Christmas Creek,