Mt Cordeaux

Height: 1135-metres

Location: Main Range National Park

Mt Cordeaux forms the Northern side of Cunninghams Gap is one of several mountains located within Main Range National Park.

The views from the peak look out over the Scenic Rim and down the length of Main Range National Park.

View from Mt Cordeaux - @amh_photos via Instagram

View from Mt Cordeaux – @amh_photos via Instagram

The cliff face of Mt Cordeaux is spectacular in spring when the giant spear lilies are in flower.

If you’re looking to climb a mountain, this is a great one to start with.  The Mt Cordeaux walking track, accessed from the top of the Gap, is really well marked and defined. It’s a not too taxing 6.8km return journey and the walk branches off the Rainforest Circuit and zig zags through the rainforest to exposed upper slopes, ending at a lookout on the southern side.

Mt Cordeaux by @bec_ph

Visitors have the option to take an extended walk by another 5.6kms to Bare Rock, which looks out over the fertile valleys of Tarome towards Brisbane.

Mt Cordeaux is said to have formed by remnant ‘runny’ lava flows from the unlocated Main Range Shield volcano that was active 24-million years ago.

The Main Range Shield Volcano once spread across the Fassifern Valley, probably as far as Mt Maroon, Boonah and even Ipswich, and west to Warwick.

Prolonged erosion over 20-million years has removed mainly the eastern side of the volcano.

The relatively steep gradients and greater erosive power of the eastwards-flowing streams rapidly eroded the volcanic lava to create a retreating escarpment, exposing intrusive plugs and dykes beneath.

Mt Cordeaux by @courtneygaye_travels

In contrast the gentler western valleys and ridges have remained behind the escarpment’ to form today’s Main Range.

Main Range National Park boasts a number of picnic and camping spots.

Picnic, toilet and camping facilities are available in the Main Range National Park, which is located 116km south west of Brisbane.

Facilities are available at Cunnighams Gap, which is where a number of walks leave, including the Mt Cordeaux track.

Bookings for camping sites are required.

Mt Cordeaux by @empoweredbypilates

Mt Cordeaux by @feoe_hiker

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