It’s one of Australia’s largest Clydesdale events and it’s coming to Boonah in June.

The Clydesdale Spectacular returns to the Boonah Showgrounds for the 7th year on June 15 and 16.

Cr Rick Stanfield with one of his beloved Clydesdales.

Boonah and the surrounding towns have a rich history and connection with the beautiful giants of the horse world.

The Clydesdales were historically used for farm work and as a strong, reliable mode of transport.

The advent of cars and motors saw the breed go into decline, but a dedicated group of Scenic Rim locals have made sure the clydesdale’s impressive work ethic and ability lives on.

The Clydesdale Spectacular is a celebration of the breed and of the industries which supported their work, including wheelwrights, blacksmiths and harness makers.

You’ll see beautiful horses and incredible craftspeople at this unique event.

Strength and Power.

The show is run by a subcommittee of the Boonah Show Society, headed by local councillor and Clydesdale owner, Cr Rick Stanfield.

“This show is about the history that the Fassifern region has with the Clydesdales and the need to maintain the skills and traditions of working with these beautiful horses,” he says.

“People come and show their horses and their stud horses but we also bring together the ancillary trades which supported the horses historically. Wheel writing, blacksmithing, harness making.

“These skills are dying out and if we don’t maintain them they will all die out because they’re not being taught anymore.”

Cr Stanfield says his interest in clydesdales was fostered by the Erich family who run Kuldene Clydesdales at Roadvale.

“I have had clydesdales for nearly 40 years,” he says.

“The Erich family have been breeding them for generations. The power these horses have got driving and working is still a marvel today.

“The Erich family had the last purebred clydesdale stud in Queensland and without these guys the breed would have been gone.”

Gates open 8am both Saturday and Sunday at the Boonah Showgrounds. Tickets for the Saturday night campfire dinner are on sale now.

Find out more about the Clydesdale Spectacular and buy your tickets online, or at the gate