Scenic Rim photographer Sabine Bannard. Image by Annabelle Hickson.

Sabine Bannard is a Tamborine Mountain-based photographer who captures beautiful vignettes of the local area, Scenic Rim people, creatives and producers.
Her photography shows the region in a gorgeous light and celebrates the region’s diversity.
Sabine is known for her moody botanical pictures, capturing the simplicity of a fleeting moment, and for her storytelling of local communities and the individuals within them.
Sabine moved to Tamborine Mountain in 2005, after arriving to Australia with her Australian husband, Martin, in 2003, together with their young children. Martin had spent his teenage years working on the mountain at the local Rock Shop and at Thunderbird Park. Their son Will not works at the rock shop!
Sabine trained in hospitality, working for Michelin Star restaurants and trained in wines through her father’s boutique wine business.
“I always joke that I grew up in a wine barrel,” she says. “I spent most of my childhood visiting wineries all over Germany and eating local food at amazing restaurants and pubs. My dad always wanted us to try everything, especially what the locals ate.”
During the 1990s Sabine worked as a presenter and producer for a German music television station in Cologne. She also worked as a DJ, presenting a weekly house and techno show which ultimately led her to Australia where she met her husband, then working as a party promoter.
“I’m still greatly inspired by music and my love for storytelling comes from my time doing TV, where I filed reports about DJs and places all over Europe and even Autralia.”
Sabine’s love for good food, people and places found a visual outlet on Instagram, where she is known as @_housefrau.
She discovered a love for photography and spends her days behind the lens of her Canon camera, capturing tailored content. She jokes that she’s known locally as ‘the German living on the mountain behind the sea.”

We asked Sabine to share her locals’ knowledge of where to eat, drink and soak in the Scenic Rim’s views.

Favourite Scenic Rim place to eat & have coffee

I actually love a good warm savoury breakfast and could have this any time of the day. So here is a list of my favourite places.
I love exploring new places to eat, have a coffee and enjoy the scenery. There are so many places I haven’t been but keen to check out.
Favourites up on Mount Tamborine, where we live are definitely: Wild Plum Kitchen, Green Lane Coffee, The Treehouse and most definitely the delicious creations at The Vintage Pickle and Marsala Shanti.
I also love to check out The Story Tree in Boonah and breakfast with a view at Binna Burra Mountain Lodge is high on my list too. Actually all meals here are great.

Sabine enjoys the food at Tamborine Mountain Indian restaurant Marsala Shanti.

My favourite place in the Scenic Rim is …

I would have to say Mount Tamborine, where we live. It’s truly magical. The drive up from Tamborine Village, when the shrubby dry forest changes to subtropical rainforest, it always gives me goose bumps.
The views up here are also amazing, the beautiful valley on one side and the ocean on the other.
When I think about favourite places, it’s the feeling this region gives me. Driving though the Scenic Rim is an experience not to miss, the wide open land, how the colours change from winter to summer and everything in-between. The high open sky, it feels like Australia to me. Whenever I have someone visiting from Europe (where I originally come from) I make sure to show the them the true side of Australia (how I like to call it, it’s not all beach  and palms).

Sabine works with ethical Tamborine Mountain denim producer Outland Denim.

What I love about the Scenic Rim is …

I love that is so open, wide, raw, beautiful, fertile and of course the hardworking people, who are so proud of their land and produce. The people, their passion, the and land and their produce are inseparable in the Scenic Rim. That’s what I love the most about it.
Oh and not to forget all the small roadside stalls with honesty boxes. One day I will drive around the whole Scenic Rim and document and photograph them all.

Sabine captured Christine Sharp and Brenda Fawdon during Eat Local Week.

My favourite Scenic Rim view is …

Ah, so many. The lookout on Mount Tamborine is very special to me or us as a family. We used to rent nearby and I would take the kids to the lookout at least once week to run around, feel the wind and watch the sunset.
The drive from Tamborine to Beaudesert is glorious too, that old shed on the way!!! And how gorgeous is Lake Moogerah and the view at Binna Burra Lodge.
And Beechmont!

Mother Nature’s masterpiece

Storm season is here. It may have been the wettest October on record, but you know what they say – every cloud has a silver lining.
And what a lining it has been in the Scenic Rim.

The clouds above the Scenic Rim have been incredible and thankfully the region has some equally impressive photographers to capture nature’s slideshow.

The Jacaranda trees are in full bloom around Boonah. Picture by @elizabethwielandimages

The Jacaranda trees are in full bloom around Boonah. Picture by @elizabethwielandimages

Cloud formations, rainbows, flowering Jacaranda trees … the #scenicrim feed on Instagram and Facebook is full of photographs and videos that will make you want to jump in your car and head to the Scenic Rim.

Purple Rain

If you want to see the Scenic Rim’s purple rain hurry and visit – the Jacarandas are flowering right now.

Jacarandas by @brentrandallphotography

Jacarandas by @brentrandallphotography

On Instagram she’s known as @katethelightchaser and this image, captured during a particularly ferocious storm, had her followers seeing wild things. Lions in fact. Can you see the lion in the clouds?

@Katethelightchaser clouds with lion face

Can you see the lion’s face in this image by @katethelightchaser

She’s a fickle beast

The weather can be a fickle beast. Just ask the local farmers. One paddock will cop a drenching, while over the fence there will be clear skies. Beaudesert journalist Susie Cunningham captured this beautifully.

Storm over Beaudesert by @what.susie.saw

Storm over Beaudesert by @what.susie.saw


Storms are spectacular viewed from the comfort of home. Not always so enjoyable when you’re stuck on the road. @boxbrowniebob caught this storm approaching Milbong.

Milbong Storm by @boxbrowniebob

Milbong Storm by @boxbrowniebob

Light Show

And then of course there’s the light shows. The thunder and lightning is really something to behold.

Ben Watts braved the storm on Tamborine Mountain with illuminating results.

Tamborine Mountain lightning by @benwattsphotography

Tamborine Mountain lightning by @benwattsphotography


So did Kate. She is called the Light Chaser!

Lightning by @katethelightchaser

Lightning by @katethelightchaser


The Scenic Rim has long been known for its spectacular storms. Our location, at the base of the Great Dividing Range means the region often bears the brunt of the summer storm activity.

Here’s a time-lapse video of a recent storm over Mt Barney, filmed by @clubcoaster

Hundreds of incredible photographic entries were received for the Scenic Rim Uncovered competition, which is now closed.

Shortlisted entries will be released soon for a public vote for the photograph which will apart on the cover of the next Scenic Rim Visitor Guide.

Keen photographers were encouraged to submit photographs of their favourite Scenic Rim location for a chance to share in $3000 of prizemoney.

Shortlisted photographs will be shared on Facebook and Instagram shortly.

You can see some of the entries by searching #scencirimuncovered on social media

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