O’Reillys Autumn Bird Week

Join fellow bird lovers for O’Reilly’s Autumn Bird Week, from March 5 to 10.

The cooler autumn weather means you’ll have a chance to see migratory species before they leave the World Heritage-listed Lamington National Park.

The National Park is home to Australia’s largest collection of subtropical birds, 500 waterfalls and 160km of nature trails.

Join the daily walking tours for a chance to see rainforest species, including Thrushes, Pitta, Riflebird, Catbird, the Wompoo Pigeon and the Rose robin.

Venture out after dark for some nocturnal bird spotlighting. You may see a Boobook Owl, Owlet Nightjar and even a Sooty Owl.

Choose between a two or a five-day package. You’ll hear from leading Australian bird experts.

Download the full itinerary