What Mountain is that – Mt Walker

What Mountain is that? Mt Walker

Height: 430-metres
Location: Close to Coleyville

Mt Walker by @vikhere

Mt Walker by @vikhere

Mt Walker stands majestically like a monument in the middle of a productive valley, used for farming and rural pursuits.

Mt Walker was originally named Mt Forbes by John Oxley, in honour of Sir Francis Forbes, the Chief Justice of NSW. It later acquired the name Mt Walker, a name thought to be inspired by a shepherd from the Franklyn Vale pastoral station.

The mountain is identified by the telecommunications, electricity and RAAF towers sit at the top.

Mt Walker is situated on private property and access is not available, however it can be seen and enjoyed from afar as you take a scenic drive through this part of the region.

Mt Walker by @craigmcphilips

Mt Walker by @craigmcphilips

The mountain once housed native stands of hoop pine and the surrounding land attracted timber getters in the late 1800s.

These days, during December and January you’ll find paddocks of sunflowers in bloom, adding a shot of colour to the landscape.

Sunflowers by Gail's Photography

Sunflowers by Gail Bryant Photography

Picnic and barbecue facilities, toilets and water are available nearby at the Warrill View Rest Area, located on the Cunningham Highway, just south of Warrill View village. This rest area is suitable for caravans; however it is a day-use area only.

Take the Rosewood-Warrill View Rd and enjoy the expansive scenery. This drive eventually arrives at Aratula via Rosevale and Tarome.