events: Beaudesert and Kooralbyn
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Kooralbyn Valley MTB Endurance Series 12 Hours

26 Oct 2019 to 27 Oct 2019


Riders will commence on at 6pm. Riders will line up and self-seed before the start. All solo 12 hour riders and one team rider from each team will start together.

Riders will continue to lap the course for 12 hours. The rider/team with the most number of laps wins. If rider/teams have the same number of laps, then whoever finished those laps in the quickest time wins. Teams ride in a relay fashion with only one rider from a team on the course at any one time. You can stop riding at any time and have a break. Teams can swap with team mates whenever they like and a physical touch must occur between riders (for example a high five), however interchange must occur in the transition zone, after the timing tent to receive a valid lap time. This will be marshalled and failure to follow the rules will result in a Timeout penalty. Riders not completing the full 24 hours will not DNF but must notify the timing crew.


1/20 Routley Drive, Kooralbyn
4285, QLD