events: The Lost World and Christmas Creek
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The Lost World Trail Festival

28 Aug 2022 to 28 Aug 2022


Welcome to the inaugural Lost World Trail Festival. The Lost World is a small pocket of the Scenic Rim which is fast becoming known for its trail running events.

Nestled at the foothills of the World Heritage-listed Lamington National Park the Lost World Valley is enveloped by a cauldron of mountains boasting spectacular scenery. Here also is the headwaters of the Albert River which meanders through the valley giving life to local eco-systems and the wildlife that inhabit the area.

The views on this trail run will stop the most experienced trail runner in their tracks! They believe it will be seen as a must-do on the trail calendar. The Lost World Trail Festival provides a great combination of road, smooth trails, rocky terrain, hills, a bridge and creek crossing – what more could you ask for!

So whether you’re a seasoned trail runner, a weekend warrior or a beginner who just loves getting into the outdoors there’s an option for you!


3161 Kerry Rd, Darlington
4285, QLD