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Sound Healing and Yoga

23 Nov 2019 to 23 Nov 2019


Join them for a powerful Sound Healing and Yoga event at Ivory’s Rock on 23 November. Led by innovative Yoga and Qigong teacher Fran Archer, this session can be compared to receiving a relaxing, rejuvenating two-hour massage.

For centuries sound healing has been an integral part of traditional yoga practices. Gaining popularity these days is yoga with singing crystal bowls made from quartz. The vibrations of the tones of the singing bowls interact with the vibration of our cells to produce beneficial changes in the body. Fran will be using these bowls to emit healing sounds whilst instructing calm, gentle yoga exercises.

The event will be held in the Ivory’s Rock Conference Centre surrounded by tranquil bushland. This is low impact and body-friendly, with no previous experience required. Just bring a yoga mat and blanket. Pillows and light refreshments will be provided.

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310 Mount Flinders Road, Peak Crossing
4306, QLD