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Pottery and Textiles Workshop Experience – October

13 Oct 2019 to 17 Oct 2019


The Pottery and Textiles Experience is designed to inspire your creative energy through the discovery of various art forms, from Pottery to Rug Making and Basket Weaving, all with local based artists.

Suitable for beginners, this is a fun filled experience for those wanting to unleash their creative side!

Pottery is an organic beauty, created with one’s own hands. The limits on what you create are limited only by what you can dream. Learn the craft of handmade pottery from a ceramic artist and potter with over 30 years experience.

Rug making is a revived tradition. They join the ‘War on Waste’ and learn how to transform unwanted fabric or clothing into functional rugs and mats from a textile artist specialising, for over 25 years, in the design and production of hand tufted rugs.

Get hands on experience identifying, harvesting and preparing local plant materials while learning the basic art of basket weaving from a creator who, over the past 30 years, has aimed to create art that ‘interprets the story of nature and show the beauty of the secrets it holds’.

This Experience is inclusive of accommodation.


Tamborine Mountain
4272, QLD