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Lovett at Kalbar

Serving up an abundance of fresh salads simply makes sense when you are surrounded by a patchwork of high-production vegetable paddocks.

A fresh approach is exactly what Lindsay Yong Gee (nee Lovett) brought to the table when she opened Lovett at Kalbar on the corner of George Street and Edward Street.

Lindsay was already a familiar face around town, having worked at the Arthur Clive Bakehouse in Kalbar for three and a half years when the opportunity came up to purchase the business and make it her own.

She employs about half a dozen casual staff, and the ongoing support of her regular customers keeps the team busy.

Pop into Lovett at Kalbar for great salads and sweets and fantastic coffee. It’s a beautiful spot to meet with family and friends.

Open from 5.30am for breakfast and lunch 7 days  a week.

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Corner of George and Edward St, Kalbar