Moogerah Dam

PLANS for Moogerah Dam, which is located 15 km west of Boonah, were first mooted in the early 1900s.
The Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board became interested in constructing a dam across the Mt Edwards gorge to supply water to Brisbane city. Tests were undertaken and some land was resumed by the Brisbane City Council but this was as far as the project went.
Some 40 years passed before the idea of building a dam was again raised in 1945. This time the Boonah Shire Council expressed interest in sourcing water for the towns of Boonah and Kalbar from the Reynolds Creek and supported the dam proposal.
Construction work began in 1959 and the main wall was completed in 12 months, with a sizeable inflow of water by February 1961.
The completed dam was named Moogerah Dam, although it is also known to many as Lake Moogerah.
As well as supplying water to local townships, Moogerah Dam also supplies water to many agricultural irrigators.
Moogerah Dam has a catchment area of 228 square kilometres and a storage capacity of 92,500 megalitres. The reservoir area stretches across 878 hectares and the crest of the wall is 37.8m high.
Moogerah Dam is a popular spot with locals and visitors, particularly as waterskiing and motorised fishing boats are allowed.
The dam has been stocked with Australian Bass, Golden Perch, Silver Perch, Mary River Cod and Saratoga.
There are no boating restrictions although there is a no boating/fishing zone around the dam wall.
Caution should be used when navigating on Moogerah Dam due to the large amount of standing and submerged timber in the water.
A camping site and cabins are well-utilised and a number of schools and church groups have camp facilities on the banks of the dam.

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*A Stocked Impoundment Permit (SIP) is required to fish at Lake Maroon. The lake has been stocked with Australian Bass, Golden & Silver Perch and Mary River Cod.Further information on the facilities at Maroon is available on the Sweetwater Fishing Website.

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